Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday without Family

My brother-in-law went home yesterday. Now, you may not have known he was with us, but we're missing him. He was supposed to be downstairs when I woke up. He's supposed to be whistling constantly and working crossword puzzles and making crazy jokes. And he probably is, at his place. I miss him whistling his way around ours!

So, I've taken three days off writing at a whack. We ended up visiting stuff with the bil after I sent in my revision. Yesterday, I started reading the WIP (Forbidden, w.t.) again, but really didn't get a full 750 new words, so can't claim I did. Ding dang it.

However, I'm also re-reading Harry Potter because I've still not read the 7th and I'm trying with mixed success not to find out anything I don't want to know! That kind of cut into work time, cause I'm at a good spot!

So--gotta get those 750 words today!

Oh, and about the Red Sox? I'm glad they won, but I wish the Rockies had put up a better fight.

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