Thursday, October 18, 2007


I'm reporting progress for Wednesday, for my commitment to Sven. (He's becoming real for me. Can that be good?) I added 8 pages yesterday, but I have many more to perfect. All right, perhaps "perfect" is the wrong word. And come to think of it, I'm not looking to make my characters perfect. I want them flawed, but so empathetic a reader has to know what happens next. I want readers to do what I most want to do when I pick up a book. Keep on reading.

My blog on RWAonline yesterday was picked up by another blog that apparently just scoops up anything to do with mental health and publishes on its own blog. At least they added a link back to RWAonline. Still, I'd heard of such blogs, but never seen one. Strange. Surely trawling for that many articles takes as much time as writing new ones?

Anyway, gotta get back to work!


Krista said...

Eight pages is great! I don't think I managed 8 words yesterday.

Keep it up!

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Krista,

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm sending it right back at ya, although, having perused both your blogs, I'm stunned you have any time at all to write. (Both were very interesting, by the way!)

Take good care--hope the car and the family and homework and the Internet connection cooperate to give you a little writing time tonight! ;-)