Monday, November 5, 2007

Another "Best" Blog I've Ever Read!

No, really! And just when I was trying to trim my daily blog cruise! My buddy, Kath doesn't seem to realize she's a great writer, but she's just started a blog I'm already checking every day. I don't get Kath's uncertainty, but maybe she doesn't read herself?

Don't cheat yourselves of a great read. Each entry is a perfect short story, and her husband is some kind of super hero. Oh the many things Barry hath done! Stop by McBlog, quick! ;-)


Debby Giusti said...

Hey, Anna, so glad I found your blog! I went to the McBlog and loved that one as well.

Didn't we have fun Sat at the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon! The folks in Birmingham are always so warm and welcoming. Thanks for driving!


Anna Adams said...

Hey, you! Somehow, I didn't see your comment. Southern Magic was great. I definitely plan to join their chapter! And the drive was nothing with such great company. (Well, you were fun. Gert tended to get a little surly when we didn't follow her directions immediately!)

I'm so glad you ventured to McBlog. That Kath uses it for warming up pages. I wish I warmed up that well!

See ya soon!