Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's my favorite holiday. I have a huge family, and we all used to meet at Grandma's for Thanksgiving. We'd eat in stages--men and boys first, although I wonder if that was just what happened--or was it some strange Southern ritual? Either way, I always loved my spot at the dishwasher-cum-table because we couldn't all fit at the table, even in stages. Ohmygosh, the food. Though it hasn't come down to me, I spring from a line of amazing cooks. I wish I'd learned--but then what would the firemen do with their spare time? ;-)

Anyway, after dinner (that would be the noonish meal), we'd climb the ridge behind Grandma's house and look down at what we could see of the town, then back down for another sustaining meal and then outside again for more running off of the calories. Mostly, I remember love as rich and unceasing as the wind and the life on that Autumn ridge--and laughter. My husband calls it the family cackle, but I think it rings with family love, too. I'm going to be missing it tomorrow, but those memories aren't going anywhere.

Here's hoping you'll all be making memories that wonderful!

(Thanks to my friend for the pic above! More lovely memories!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting. I'm glad you found something you really enjoy doing (and figured out a way to make a living at it). Have a long and happy life. {V. Leroy Burchfield}

Anna Adams said...

Leroy, how kind of you to stop by and leave a note! I am lucky to have such a great job. But how about you? How are you? Are you still in the old hometown? I miss it so much!


Anonymous said...

I'm still alive and kicking. I get my water ration from Allatoona and pass out Christmas wishes on myspace. The old town has grown up and the people that made it what it was have scattered to the winds. I miss the times more than anything and count the regrets. {VLB}