Friday, November 2, 2007

Going to the Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon!

Y'all come on down!

I should have mentioned this earlier, but I'm abandoning hearth and home again--this time for the Southern Magic chapter of RWA's reader's luncheon. As always, I'm not listed. I don't know why I never make it onto the list, but I am going to be there. ;-) I'm driving over with a good friend, Inspirational writer, Debby Giusti. (Four or five hours of excellent writing talk--the best road trip!)

So, come on over. And also, take a look at the amazing authors, including funny, down-to-earth Sherrilyn Kenyon, who always gives a speech you won't forget.

I'm staring at bags of stuff for the basket and the goodie bags I'm putting together for my table, but right now I'm getting back to Sven. Gotta double up today. I hope doubling still counts. ;-)

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