Thursday, December 13, 2007

Belonging Again

Even though I graduated from another university, which I love, my heart belongs at St. Mary's College of Maryland. My English degree took the equivalent of most people's Master's in effort. I married young and my husband's job took us many places, but I was one term away from graduating when we had to leave MD. I loved my friends and the southern tip of Maryland is just a beautiful, laid back place to live, but most of all, I felt as if I were losing a lifelong connection when I had to leave the school.

I'd gone to two other colleges before we moved to MD. One taught me that a biz degree was not for me. The other was a wonderful experience, but I remember my first term at St. Mary's, I suddenly discovered a true love of learning. I spent that first term in a state of near panic. All my life, I'd been "the smart one." I never really had to work for grades. I just knew things. It came easy, I think because I've always been naturally curious--about everything.

Then I went to St. Mary's. I remember crossing underneath a winter-bare tree between the library and the building where I was almost late for class, and my thought--"These people are serious!"

This week, I was wandering around webcams and found the one at St. Mary's. Then I bumbled into the alumni link on the website and discovered I was more than qualified to join. With the most excellent help of the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, I've joined, and I feel as if I've gone home again! Isn't it funny how those young days hang on to us? Well--young days and a life-changing experience.

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