Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Secret Pleasures

Of the movie type.

This must be semi-vintage-movie month on the satellite. Two that didn't make a big splash when they originally came out really appeal to me. Junior, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Doc Hollywood with Michael J. Fox.

People absolutely mock Junior, but there's something so touching and gentle about AS's character, Alex, as his pregnancy goes on. Of course, you have to suspend disbelief over the "science," but talk about a character arc. From total logic and a total lack of connection with the human race, to dancing, asking his non-friend, friend to touch his smooth skin, and then fighting for his baby, and totally taking the blame for everything wrong, but wanting his child's mother to be a part of his life as well as the baby's. Danny DeVito also does a great character arc, from salesman/angry, divorced ex to caring, loves-his-life anyway, and wants to be a father to her baby. When he asks his ex for a second chance, he's a hero in my eyes. I really do get kind of weepy through the end of this one. (And who can resist a Frank Sinatra/Bono duet over the credits?)

Doc Hollywood gets me for many of the same reasons. Michael J. Fox is an amazing actor, but he also does a who-cares salesman with ease at the beginning of this story. He professes to feel disdain for the country folk in the (gorgeous) southern town that ensnares him by use of a fence that attacks his car :-), but he finds kindness very soon. Immediately, I go from disliking a non-heroic hero who wants to doctor for the money, to admiring a guy who gets wrapped up in the letter of a patient who doesn't need medical care, but can't read mail from family without help. By the end of the movie, I'm cheering when he goes back to his new home. And the heroine remains take-no-nonsense, but she also learns to trust by the end of the movie. Her change is not as obvious (or as endearing) as the good doctor's (because they don't give her as much comedy, actually), but it takes courage. And, finally, this movie has the most romantic dance scene--worth the price of admission! :-)

Better get back to work. I forgot another celebration the beloved and I have to do today, but this is one of those days I wonder how we ever survived without laptops!


Jen said...

No, no, no your Evilness. Do not convince me there are more movies I want to/should watch. Must...work...must...work.

And hey, have you seen Keeping Mum? Maybe at some distant date on the horizon we could Chez Waffle House it and then plop down to watch it.

Anna Adams said...

LOL! The girlo brought me new movies, too. I'm feeling the denial pain!

I'd love to Chez Waffle it up and then indulge in Keeping Mum, which I haven't seen!