Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm getting a late start today as my girl and I went to a museum where we saw artifacts and art from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. We also had a girly lunch at a restaurant that was too fancy for us. She endured having a napkin placed across her lap, and then we shared bites of each other's meals. The highlights were the spinach ravioli and a salad of buffalo mozzarella, gorgeous tomatoes and 12 year old basalmic. Holy cow!

Anyway, after a wonderful day, I'm sharing the wallpaper from my desktop. I lived on this beach longer than I've ever lived anywhere else. It makes me happy. ;-)

Hope you're still having good holiday fun, too!

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Elaine Williams said...

HI Anna: Just read your post and I went to the NYS Museum today, and what wonderful displays they had. It was in the city I grew up in, but they had moved it there only recently into a new building. So many wonderful and some sad exhibits, like the NYC 9/11. But the bronze sculptures were wonderful, and they had a blue painting/artist exhibit from different artists. So many wonderful and talented people.