Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!

It's a cold, sunny lovely start to the new year. The beloved is off on a motorcycle ride. The girl is sleeping cause she stayed out way past her usual, more sensible bedtime. I'm sprawled in a chair, working and longing for the string of Law & Order: Criminal Intents I DVR'd yesterday.

As time and the series goes on, I'm aching for Goren. And the other characters just keep deepening as well. I was so upset when Dekins left, but I'm loving Captain Ross. Mustn't think about it. Mustn't be tempted! ;-)

Oh, and speaking of temptation, my friend, Kate Walker has a beautiful new kitty. You should take a look. (Mustn't wonder if our family also needs a new addition!)

Here's hoping the new year brings success and health and most of all, joy!

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