Saturday, January 26, 2008


When I started this blog, I thought, how tough can it be? I yammer so much, people get sick of listening to me. What fun to toss all this extra yammering into cyberspace, where no one can roll eyes, or offer the ever popular whirring of fingers, meaning "Any chance we'll get to the end some day?"

Well, I've been staring at this blank screen for some time. So, without any further ado, or whirring of fingers, hope you're having a fun weekend and you aren't reading my excuse for saying nothing.


Debbie White said...

I can't imagine you being at a loss for words!!!

Did you get an email from me a couple of weeks ago? Send me an email.

Walt M said...

I concur with the above. I don't know you that well. However, given your prolific writing history, I can't imagine you with writer's block. I thought that was just for newbie writers like me.

Anna Adams said...

LOL, Debbie! If anyone on earth would know, you would! (But I'm not going to say a word about how a beloved sister-cousin definitely gives me a chat-run for my money!) :-)

Walt, you made that sound much nicer than Deb did! ;-) And I'm not sure you're a newbie writer. You're working like crazy! And I hate to tell you, but all the stuff that feels so difficult when you're new at it--hangs around. I still wonder if the story's right or the characters are--in character--and my latest bugaboo--if the conflict's tight and real enough.

Not that I want to make it sound scary. I love the challenge of continuing to learn with this job!