Monday, January 21, 2008

What to do in case of a disaster?

Not a big disaster. My headphones are broken. Well, just in one ear, but I'm working mostly at the coffee shop these days because the deadline's roaring this way and the beloved's afraid to go out in the cold. :-) And he's lovely, but distracting.

Well, I must have noise to work by, but conversations tempt me. Turns out when I'm really busy, my first instinct is to eavesdrop. (A shocking self-revelation because normally I believe in minding my own business.) Anywhooo, I take along a movie I've seen a billion times, so I can hear the comforting noises in my head without listening, or I put in music, but I have a feeling I'm listening with one ear and listing to the good side.

They should be paying for the show! Gotta get back to the book! I wish there were a lopsided writer-woman icon. ;-)

Ohhhh, a firetruck, and several folks running out of shops to see where it's going. Here's a hope that the place and people they're going to rescue fare well.


Jen said...

You amaze me -- a coffeeshop in the middle of town and a movie -- because you really need to focus on what you're writing. I just find that fasctinating that to have to filter past all of that is what gives you your focus. I'd spend my day people-watching. Here's hoping you write like the wind as you list to one side. :)

Jen said...

I'm not sure if I could've screwed up that sentence and convoluted it anymore in my previous post. Just wanted everyone to know that I knew it was wonky.

Anna Adams said...

LOL, Jen. I'm taken aback by folks like you and my beloved, who need silence. The key to my way is growing up in a house with 4 boys. The only private spot was--you guessed it--the bathroom.

Hardly dignified?