Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Harlequin on TV

Dreams Lost, Dreams Found is playing on TV right now. It's one of the Harlequin movies from the 80s--my favorite, actually. I can't resist Scotland, and the actor who plays the hero is gorgeous. Something--Robb. Oh, David Robb.

I've always wanted to read the Pamela Wallace book to see how true the movie was to the original story.

I've also always wanted to live in a castle in Scotland! (Or even a hovel in Scotland.)


Jill Monroe said...

I always liked those movies, too. Wish there would be more. I think Oxygen did the latest with the some Blazes.

Jen said...

You might want to reconsider that hovel, babe. I just can't see you hoveling it. :)

Elaine Williams said...

HI Anna: I have that movie, and a bunch of other Harlequin movies. Some of them doubles. Would you like some?! I get to get rid of doubles and someone else gets to enjoy them. Let me know. Elaine

Anna said...

Jill, I've heard about the Blazes. A friend, Dorie Graham, had one of the first, but I haven't seen them. Wonder if they ever rerun them?

Jen--you might be right. I'd need a lot of Lysol and some pristine plumbing!

Elaine, let's talk! :-) Thanks!