Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oooooh, a cold new year!

The weather outside is icy! And the sun is pouring into the family room. Kitty finally got disgusted with sharing my lap with my laptop and has hopped down to sit with his back to me and his ears twitching (a sure sign of Kitty-displeasure).

A new day in a new year filled with new possibilities, and yet, I always miss the old year a little, too. There were nice memories. Our trip to Savannah, hanging out in the fall with my aunts and cousins and the beloved. Old friends, I've reconnected with since moving home again. New friends, Elaine and Kim, whom I met at the retreat, who have become so important. I feel so lucky to have literally stumbled into them. (I wasn't planning to go, and then I couldn't find the address, so I veered into the driveway as Elaine was climbing out of her shuttle.) Perfect timing!

My son sounds happy. I miss him and his wife so much, but each conversation reassures me that they're doing well, and "happy" is vitally important thing. And I love talking books and movies with that guy! He always makes me think.

I've known my daughter was growing up. Yeah--that's pretty obvious. But suddenly, I can see she's a woman, and I admire her. Even while I worry about this and that (her inundating schedule, the fact that her campus isn't as safe as it was when she first started at school, the little, troubling things that come up), I'm so proud that she handles it all--and well.

So--taking stock of the new year. I'd like to spend more time with my brothers and my aunts and uncle and my beloved cousin, Debbie and all our other cousins. I'd like to work smarter. I'm still working hard at treasuring each day for what it is.

Mostly, I want to feel as content as I do at this moment. And I wish that for you as well.

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