Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brothers and Daughters

What a lovely day! I've spent time with my girl and time with my brother and we ate boiled shrimp. I'm not sure you can ask for a whole lot more.

Oh, yeah--finishing those galleys!

Tomorrow--more shimp, and choosing the house and the neighborhood in which my ghost and his family will live. ;-)


Walt M said...

The next time I see you I need to ask what a "galley" refers to. I looked it up and I guess it refers to the book formatting, but I;m not sure.

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Walt!

Harlequin actually calls it the printout, or the Author's Alterations (AAs). But you are right. It's the last time an author sees the book before it's printed. In our case, it doesn't "look" like the book, but the text is exactly as it will appear in the book.