Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This may be an all-day affair

I'm blogging from home. I won't whine again about our service.

We may have snow today. The sky is blue-gray and full of possibilities. Snow and sleet and rain, everything you need in a drought. I promised a friend I'd stop the please-snow dance, but I can't help hoping my previous efforts have already done their work. Actually, we're sure to have rain, but I'd love a few flakes of snow, too.

And I think I'll make chili.

Well, now to hit post. And go take a shower.


Jen said...

You were a good friend to cease-n-desist(sp?) but it sort of worked out for both of us, huh? You got the snow and I got no roads/schools/business closed the next day. Go ahead and dance some more. ;)

Anna Adams said...

LOL, Jen, and it brought more snow. Sadly, that took down my Internet connection. But oh the lovely, blowing snow!

I'm working on some new moves!