Monday, December 10, 2007

New Monday

So--five more days off. That's not good. But I had such a busy week. Saturday was my local RWA chapter's holiday party--always great fun--and I caught up with several friends I hadn't seen in a while, plus had a great time with my next-room neighbor from the retreat!

From there, I went to my husband's holiday party with his Harley Owner's Group. I hadn't met his buddies there before, and that was also a great time. Got to chat with several new and interesting people and now I can picture them when he talks about them. Plus--they collected toys for The Angel's House, and ohmyhosh, what a great job they did! They put them in the back of one of those oversized trucks (my daughter would know what kind it was, but I'm sadly clueless) and the toys were totally overflowing the bed! Very cool!

Yesterday, I cooked literally from about 10 a.m. till about 7 p.m. And we had friends and the girl for dinner last night. Well--they joined us. We didn't actually have them for dinner--after all that cooking! ;-) After three nights in a row of baking into the wee hours, I hardly knew what to do with myself with nothing to bake last evening. (So I nodded off in a chair.)

I regret the pages not written, but not enough to regret the lovely, lovely time well-spent!

However, today is a brand new Monday and I'm heads-down now for the book. No time to waste being all friendly! :-) I must be hermit-like and catch up.


Jen said...

That just sounds lovely. I'm envying all the baking. But must finish the book....

Anna Adams said...

Hey, girlo! How nice of you to come by when I know you are so busy. I'm envying your work ethic, and from now, will follow in your footsteps!

I hope you're channeling that book by now!