Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bryan Brown and F/ X

Some folks might mention the name of the movie first, but only if they hadn't just seen Bryan Brown. ;-) And so many romance writers lust after the lovely Hugh Jackman. I gotta say, Bryan is so much--more. ;-)

I'm pretty sure the first time I saw this movie, I didn't mull over its plotting. I just thought what a great ride it was. But last night as I watched the movie, I suddenly realized the amount of work that went into a plot that tight and twists so unexpected.

This morning, I was reading Julie Cohen's blog. She posted yesterday about a guy who'd read her book and remarked on the escapism of the story because he read it on a challenge from a friend, but then just floated away on the story. Julie pointed out that "floating" comes out of the author's hard work.

I'm not sure movies like F/X get a whole lot more respect than romance writers. I mean they make lots of bucks, but how often do they get to hang out with Oscar? So I thought I'd note, not just Bryan's charms in his tidy whities, but the value of a great story, put together with only "apparent" ease.

Work that good doesn't appear wholesale in your head. You have to hunt it down, and when someone else does it so well, I appreciate it.


Walt Mussell said...

It's nice to hear that there are other guys besides myself that read romance novels. However, as a male reader, I do have one question. Is Lisa Kleypas anywhere near as hot in person as she is in her pictures?

Anna Adams said...

Walt, Walt, Walt. ;-)

Actually, I met Lisa Kleypas when she spoke at a chapter I belonged to in Texas. Not only is she an amazing, engaging writer, but she is beautiful, and she's awfully nice! (And gave a brilliant talk!)

Nice to "see" ya!