Friday, February 15, 2008

My work area's ailing.

That would be my laptop. I love my little iBook, but half the screen stays dim for the first twenty minutes it's on. Half the touch pad doesn't work. (You'd be amazed how annoying that is.) And suddenly, when I least expect it, the laptop begins to do work for me--or at least to switch between applications so that I might work somewhere else.

I'm going to need a new one, but again, I love this little square of technology. Despite starting on MACs in my first freelance editing job, back in the 80s, I switched to Windows with a different job and never went back--until about three years ago.

And let's face it. Though I feel I should be finding a way to say this so that the very machine helping me write this post can't hear me, three years is a long time in technology-land. This model is literally obsolete.

Still, I'm trying to hold off a few more months. Out of loyalty.



Walt Mussell said...

Anna, just catching up on your blog. I haven't visited in about a week. I left one other comment below in another post.

Go for the new machine. I've had mine barely 18 months and I'm starting to wear out the space key. Can't imagine what yours is like.

By the way, would love to ask you a question about the 70 (77) Days of Sweat challenge. I am debating whether or not to do it. I once told you about an idea I had for a fiction book. You thought it was good one, but that it might be hard to pull off. I've barely started plotting and have no idea of any twists and turns in the novel, only a few key points. Don't know where I'd target the book or anything. The challenge has positives and negatives. The positive is that it would get me started on a new project, which I need to do while I try to sell my non-fiction manuscript. The down side is that it would take time away from writing magazine articles, which I need to establish my platform so that I can sell my first manuscript. Any advice?

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Walt! Nice to see you again. I'll check below for your other comment.

LOL--I know what you mean about wearing out keys. Several of the letters are worn off mine, but it's amazingly irritating to be without half a touch pad.

As for time with Sven, here's what I'd suggest. Maybe use your time from now till 3/1 to plan enough of the book to keep you writing through the 77 days, and then decide what kind of goals you want to make, and add your magazine articles to those totals. I find it hard to work on more than one project at a time, but you could definitely give it a try.

I have a friend who's written a non-fiction book which she's self-publishing. I've never seen anyone plan a campaign the way she has. You might want to take a look at her blog. Her name is Elaine Williams and her blog is at:

I swear, I wish Elaine would run for president! ;-)

All the best,