Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Distracted by...

The Presidents. I DVRd the series on the History channel on Monday, and I'm allowing myself small bites. In college I had enough credits to minor in either Physics or History. (Hence the DVR of Cosmos episodes I'm also hoarding, like dessert. I had a physics professor in college who, like Carl Sagan, made it interesting enough to make me want to delve deeper.)

I love learning new stuff!


Walt Mussell said...

Given that I have a degree in physics and own more history books than I can count, I hope you won't mind if I "tag" you. Please check out my blog at for the rules and list six unimportant things about youself in your blog. :-)

Jen said...

I'm just letting my brain atrophy. :)

Anna Adams said...

LOL, Jen! I clearly followed the atrophy theory, myself!

Walt, that's kind of funny. I don't run into too many folks who share my history/physics fixation!

Thanks for the tag. I'll do it belatedly tomorrow!

Nice to see you both.