Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dream Trip

The beloved and I are talking about taking a trip on a train. We have friends who've also wanted to do that, and the charm of a sleeper is irresistible. But only because it's one night. You'd think the train would be less expensive. No one moves your bags for you. No one starts a jet engine. But the track upkeep must be amazing because a train trip is really somewhat costly unless you go coach.

The trip I'd really like to take--well--I guess the Orient Express is out of the question, but second to that, how cool would it be to cross the Rockies in one of those vintage trains? Ahhhh. Heaven. As long as it didn't break down in the Donner Pass.

My beloved believes he could sit up all night on our shorter trip and enjoy himself in the lovely reclining coach seats. I've done that. He's welcome to it, especially because it would leave me the suddenly luxurious privacy of the sleeper!


Jen said...

Ohhh! that sounds really great!

Anna Adams said...

Wouldn't it make a great writer's retreat, too? Plot partying in the observatory car over the mountains?

Let's do that!