Friday, December 29, 2006

The best time in a book

I'm working on the early pages/planning of a new proposal. It's like falling in love--new love. I've been struggling with several ideas that hit a wall. Dead ends that refused to open up, but finally, I've found something that just keeps opening--plot point after plot point.

It's like flying.

We're meeting friends today, and though I'm dying to work, I'm also excited about spending time with one of my best friends and my own sweet daughter (who insists on going back to school in a few days) in a bookstore. In fact, my girl visited a bookstore with one of her friends yesterday, but figured she could save her pennies since the mom would be supporting her reading habit today. What's up with that?

Gotta pack this thing up. You know writing is the right job when you take the laptop 'cause you might get a few words in on the drive!

I hope the holidays are still treating everyone well.


Edie said...

Anna, I love your "flying" analogy. My favorite part of writing is finding a premise and characters that I've fallen in love with, putting them all together, adding plot points. I have to say that mine never opens, plot point after plot point. I get a few plot points, but the rest I need to bleed out of my veins.

Anna Adams said...

Edie, thanks for dropping by!

LOL on bleeding the plot points out of your veins. I'm not saying I get to keep everything. About the time I reach some of those plot points, they can fall into the yawning hole of illogic!

But aren't all the possibilities magical?

Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to visiting you at Magical Musings in March!