Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Just another writing day

I'd love to launch into a pithy note about my workday, but I can't. This is a typical day for me. I woke downstairs on the couch, where I'd lurched about 4 a.m., after my kitty decided I needed reminding that he eats breakfast. (He's only 13 years old. In his opinion, someday, I'll learn. Until then, he needs to step on my face and purr in my ear, and if that doesn't work, he starts pushing stuff off the nightstand.)

So--the beloved showed up at about 5:30. He started the coffee. I took my blankie and laptop upstairs to work, and about 8 remembered I'd agreed to go to breakfast with him. (He's recently retired and he needs someone to play with.) After breakfast, we went home where I stared at my laptop in the too-silent house.

The creative force doesn't always flourish in silence.

So, I packed up and headed to the local coffee shop, where, by the way, they do have this distracting wifi. ==:0

On the way, I was distracted by the local "warehouse" store, where I found a lovely present for the beloved and a compilation from a group I vaguely remember my older brother listening to in my dim youth. You don't know it, but Bread is even now seranading you with "If," one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

What a lucky day!


Kate Walker said...

Ah yes, the early morning 'It's time for breakfast' stomp on your face routine. Followed by the throwing things off the nightstand - does Kitty have a good aim?Sid goes right for the face there too.

And ditto on the early retired one - they need so much attention.

But tell him that at 13, he's only a baby - my Bob is 17+ and still does the morning stomp
(Ooops! Sorry - I meant Kitty there - not your early retired beloved! I suspect he's a little more than 13 ;-) )

Anna Adams said...

LOL, Kate! You and Sid always make me happy! I'm happy to hear Bob is so hale and hearty. We worried about Kitty during our recent move, and for a while he wouldn't eat unless someone stood next to his dish. Not sure why. It's not as if we left him anywhere. He was along for all of it--though he preferred to spend most of his time cowering beneath a blanket. (He says he was lying in wait, should he be called upon to defend his family.)

He doesn't really aim for the face when he throws things--he aims for noise. What is up with that? It's almost as if they've developed the ability to use tools--noise-making tools!

LOL on my early-retired one, too. He's just shown up at the coffee shop. :-) Is nowhere safe?

Anna Adams said...

Kate, what is your "normal" (hahahahahahaha!) writing day like?

mclovewriter said...

My first read-through I thought that Kitty made your morning coffee. I'm a pretty good friend of Kitty--and I've never known him to make coffee.

Anna Adams said...

Ahhhh, mclovewriter--Kitty's talents are many and boundless! He does all right for a guy with no thumbs! ;-) (And I won't mention your doubts re his coffee-making ability!)

Thanks for dropping in. I'm glad to see ya!

Kate Walker said...

Anna - I promise I'll come back and talk about my day (normal does *not* describe it!) when I get this current book finished.

But I just wanted to say that if Kitty - and you - are interested - Sid has insisted on my posting some pix of him on my blog today.


Anna Adams said...

Oh, Kate, I look forward to hearing about your working day. I love to hear how other writers get their work done--since I don't find any process reliable from book to book.

And poor Sid--some paparazzi must have set him up for a couple of those pics! :-) (I've sent a link from your blog to my girlo--she'll love those! )