Friday, December 15, 2006

Not saying much--because I'm writing

Does anyone get to a deadline without tunnel vision? All I can see right now is the book--and the UPS guy, thoughtfully delivering all my holiday shopping! :-)

And--it's always this time in the book that new ideas start popping in my head. I'm loving the characters I'm working with, but maybe once their story begins to finish in my mind, I start finding new situations for new characters. And you know what that's like? Brand new love! As if I were living it myself. I'm quite happy with the love I've been married to for--well, that math's too demanding--but the excitement of new love is so alluring!

Any other writers out there? Do you find a "usual" time for the new ideas to start popping?


Wendy Richards said...

My ideas usually start popping at 2am when I'm trying to fall asleep, or while I'm driving in the car and am supposed to be paying attention.

My ideas start pretty vivid, so when one strikes while I'm driving, I'm forced to pull over and let it hit, as I tend to start daydreaming and that is NOT conducive to driving! I'm asking for a digital recorder for Christmas so when I get the urge while I'm driving I can just speak into that and not have to pull over and be late for whatever I'm supposed to be going to.

I saw the link to your blog on Brenda's blog...Welcome to blogging!

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Wendy!

Thanks to you and to Brenda--I'm so glad to see you as I start this thing up. I've always wondered about a recorder in the car. I have a feeling I'd still veer into a tree or something trying to turn on the recorder. Or do they make voice-activated ones these days? (Not that I'm behind the times. I only recently realized my car doesn't have a cassette recorder--and since we moved I can't make the VCRs work. Thank goodness for satellite and DVR!)

Thanks again for the welcome! Wishing you only best-selling ideas! :-)