Monday, December 4, 2006

First Time

I hope all bloggers want to be really clever or witty or wise when they write their first post--and I'm not Lone Captain Insecurity.

Since I want to make this blog about writing (despite a strong, not so hidden talent for digression), I'll just say, I'm at the stage where the characters are controlling my life--my daughter tells me I'm not myself. Yeah, cause I'm about five other people too, right now. I'm distracted, cause I'll suddenly think--my hero, Van, whom I love so much will be more lovable to readers, too, if I show him... If you're also a writer, you'll know this stage. I'm deep in deadline panic.

So, this is short, but I have to focus on turning in the book. Kind of funny. I'm so busy writing, I don't have much time to write about writing. The blog's new. I'll be editing and changing as I go, but I've managed to put up some of the blogs I must compulsively read before I get to work each day, and that's a start.

It's nice to ride in at last--however late--on the blogging wave!


Kate Walker said...

Hi Anna - welcome to blogland!

I'm so happy to know I'll be able to check in and see what you're doing. Like you I'm on a tight deadline right now butI'll hope to have more time to chat soon.

And I promise I'll put up a link just as soon as I get this recalcitrant Greek hero out of my hair

Happy Blogging!


Anna Adams said...


Thanks for the welcome--and for dropping by to post. You know I'm always so glad to hear from you!

I hope your Greek is soon treating you well--mostly cause I can't wait to read him!

So far, blogging has been a treat, thanks to you! :-)


Julie said...

Hi Anna, nice to see you blogging!

Good luck with your deadline...I'm looking forward to reading about your writing.

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Julie!

Thanks for stopping by. (I'd forgotten that handsome picture of you and the manly bits!)

Hope you're off having the baby now! :-) As I'm having Internet difficulties, I haven't been able to cruise the Net today. Seriously, I hope you're well!