Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Oh, for the Mod Cons!

Is anyone else in the world still on dial-up? I live six miles from the center of town, but you'd think this was the wilderness. Every time my husband sees a phone service truck, he prays aloud for DSL. I tend to be a little Calvinistic--you know--pleasure should only come through suffering. But he talked me into DSL and then wireless in the home we moved out of three months ago.

This must be the suffering for that pleasure.

However, it keeps me better focused on writing, when a deadline's hanging over my head like an anvil. The suffering of reaching the Internet through dial-up is almost unbearable! :-)


Anna Lucia said...

Oh Lord, I couldn't go back.... but we only got Broadband relatively recently.

I LOOOOOVE my broadband... ;-)

(Link's up!)

Anna Adams said...

Thanks for the link to your lovely blog, Anna!

I know--can you believe we didn't think to ask before we bought the house? And we're too cheap for satellite access.

The other Anna