Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Finally, One Sticks!

Not any of the proposals I was working on, but a new idea that popped into my head as I was hurrying to the pharmacy last night for a wee, emergency visit. Funny, how a touch of anxiety peels you down to the bare essentials. And this idea seems to be opening up in the way ideas do when they're working.

I got large print copies of my March book yesterday. It's called Temporary Father, and I loved writing the story. I miss those characters. I'm going to admit I'm not enamored of the cover. I've never been anything but thrilled with covers in the past so maybe I was due for a not-so-attractive one, but somehow it hurts. ;-) You want your baby to be clothed in its best.

I tried to upload the image, but it didn't work. However, you can reach the book on Amazon with a click to the link on the right.

Off to work on that new idea that's nudging me even as I write this! (I love when that happens!)


Debbie White said...

Nobody has ever posted a comment so I was feeling a little sorry for you. I can't wait to read your next book!!!!

Anna Adams said...


I knew it was going to be you--and I'm glad it was!

It is a little like keeping a diary in public, huh? But I'll just keep babbling till I get tired of it.

I can't wait to see you all. I just sent off next August's book--with a dedication to your mom and our aunties and uncle. Shhh! Keep it under your hat!


Kate Walker said...

Hi Anna

I do keep dropping by but to be honest my brain is so frazzled right now that I can't think of anything clever - or nice - to say!

But I just had to say that i know the feeling you're talking about - the one where ideas drift in and out of your mind but you have to *work* at them, worry at them to see if they'll make a story - and then suddenly one appears and - like you say - just keeps nudging at you until you *have* to write it. They're usually the ones that work so well.
Well I hope they do as that's what's happening to me right now. And as I'm on a tight deadline I hope it stays that way!

Good luck with your idea - I hope it works out for you.

And covers - isn't it tough when you get one that disappoints you? My February book has a good cover (what you can see in the heart design!) but the April one - bleugh! Ah but I jut got the cover for my July title and I LOVE it! So sometimes they do get it right.

Good luck with the new idea - I hope it works itself into a fabulous book!



AliceAnderson said...

Don't you just love it when an idea clicks? I'm having one of those days too..... and sighing with relief. :) Good luck with your new idea!

Anna Adams said...


I'm so happy to see you! I do the same--although I feel guilty for sucking wisdom off your blog and not pausing to say so! :-) I had to laugh at the BM (Babe Magnet--Kate's dh) getting you caught up in his deadlines, too!

Congrats on your excellent #2 and #1 placement on the Waldenbooks list. I just bought THE ITALIAN'S FORCED BRIDE today, and I couldn't help starting the first few pages. I love the rhythm of the language in your first paragraphs where the heroine is dreading speaking to the hero and yet knows she must. Lovely writing!

I think my current idea is working out because I was forced to take a writing break today--visit to the dentist and then a trip downtown to entertain my beloved visiting brother-in-law. Normally, I love visiting the museum we saw today, but all I could think was--why didn't I bring a notebook and pen?

Naturally, I had to look at the cover for you SICILLIAN HUSBAND, BLACKMAILED BRIDE. I may be under the influence of my own disappointment, but I thought your cover was lovely. Of course, I'm curious about the July cover you do love. :-)

Thanks again for stopping by! I'll drop by your blot when I finish reading about the gorgeous Domenico!

All best,


Anna Adams said...

Ally, is that you? Thanks for posting. LOL--I know what you mean about sighing with relief. I was fighting for days. I had plenty of stuff going on, conflict--though it didn't feel strong enough--and I just kept thinking something was wrong. Then all of a sudden, this new idea appeared and I'm anxious to work on it. That's a great writing day, and I'm wishing you and Kate and me one of those tomorrow!

Good to "see" ya,


Anna Adams said...

Kate, sorry about the misspelling. What's up with my editing eye tonight?