Thursday, February 15, 2007

I love a good library!

Don't get me wrong. Any library is a great library, but the one in my town is so small I've had a hard time finding something to read. (Partly, my own fault. I have a hard time just pulling a book off the shelf and reading it--as I did in my youth thereby finding many wonderful reads!)

Anywhooo, I discovered I'm also allowed to use the library in the next town and I stopped by there yesterday. I found some lovely mysteries written during the 30s/40s. I love that for the same reason I love old movies. It's like time travel. Of course we put things in movies in our time that don't have anything to do with reality, and I guess folks did the same then, but right now, because I couldn't put the Leslie Ford mysteries down after just one--I'm reading Honolulu Story and learning how much the city changed before I lived in it. I can see so many bare spaces in her narrative where buildings and people live now. And yet I see the places that her characters visit where I've been, too. Also, I'm learning something as a writer. These characters never spend time in a kitchen! :-)

And oh, yeah, the story's good, too!

I've stumbled, brain first, into a treasure chest! How will I climb out to do my own work?

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