Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Proposals Here, Proposals There

I have one proposal down, though I have some changes to make, but I have three other "starts" all vying for my attention. I think it's a bad sign that none has given me that "I have to write this" feeling, but it's nice having so much to choose from, and they all have their points. Too much largesse--a confusing, but not altogether horrible place to be.

I'm being distracted now by one of those home improvement shows I mentioned before. The other thing begging me to step up to the paintpot right now is my kitchen. We've decided on this lovely, buttery yellow color and I'm dying to paint. Here's the thing painting shares with writing. Each day as you work away on a manuscript, you see your slider moving down the screen on the right--more pages behind it. (I used to print the pages each day, but in the past few years my process has changed to include so much editing, I'd be slaughtering trees willy nilly if I printed. I miss that growing stack).

And painting? I cannot wait to see that soft yellow spread across my kitchen. I think it may even seduce me to work at the kitchen table, so I should stop all this work and do some painting, right? Piles of pages--spreading, comforting yellow--both achievements!

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