Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Writing is a Business?

Today is kind of a work vs. fun-work day. I've had to distill TEMPORARY FATHER into twenty-five words. Okay--I cheated and got it down to twenty-six words. It's really hard to describe a story in that many words. A lot of writers start out with a blurb of around that size, and every time I have to do this, I think I should make myself begin the next story that way.

As usual, though, I'm looking into a bowl of 75,000 words, and I have to choose 25 that describe the story in a meaningful, "buy me" kind of way. That cackling you hear is me. Laughing hysterically. This is why I have a creative job. Because I can't create a story in twenty-five words.

Here are the ones I chose: Aidan Nikolas and Beth Tully have only her deeply troubled son in common. Aidan’s the man this family needs, but can he make Beth believe he’ll stay?

Oh, no--that's twenty-seven!

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