Thursday, May 1, 2008

DVD's are Wonderful, Wonderful!

I'm watching a movie I love, that I haven't seen in about a year. Are you also one of those folks who can watch a movie over and over and over? It's called Undercurrent. Robert Taylor and Katharine Hepburn, and not beloved of all critics, but my friend, Kath and I have shared many excellent Undercurrent hours. Don't you love the people best who love the things you love?

Our VHS players stopped working when we moved, and I didn't want to spend the bucks to buy this movie in a collection of which I only really love one other movie. However, I finally realized I'd have paid for it many times over as often as I watch it. So, today I bit the bullet. It's actually going to be my Mother's Day gift, but I couldn't resist opening it early.

I had to report to Kath that I finally undertook the purchase, and she sent back the image in her head, Robert Mitchum (also in the movie) at the piano, looking so gorgeous. And he does! I suggested to her that I might have to skip ahead to that scene. Except I'm savoring!

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