Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Meeting with writer friends today. I love to chat writing, but the time always flies when we meet! Which is bad for the person who drives 45 minutes in neverending road improvement traffic--but I'm ashamed to admit that despite her traffic pain, I always have such a great time.

My girl starts her first job today. She's nervous because she doesn't care for change, the unknown, or a first day. I always loved the first day at a new job. New pencils, a new desk, new paper and pens. New product to write copy for, software to explain, or books to edit.

Oddly, even though I still love the first day I'm working on a new book of my own, I'm always a little anxious, too. That I won't do justice to the story--that I'll get to the end and realize all the places I went wrong, but won't know how to fix them--that I'll realize three years from now just how I should have fixed the problems. (That could happen to anyone, right?)

I have a couple of errands to run before I meet my buddies. Gotta go!

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