Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got a little distracted

I've been writing like crazy. I'm just supposed to be doing proposals, but I fell in love with my hero and couldn't stop! What a lovely feeling. It's the best thing about writing.

We've had a busy week. Uncovered the pool. Had pool trespassers. Learned how to take a padlock apart to change its combination. (I couldn't believe that actually worked!)

Someone has been impersonating me around the web. Very annoying. If I suddenly send someone a nutty/cranky or nutty and cranky email, please come here first and ask if I actually sent it. (What kind of person does stuff like that?)

Have been dodging tornadoes. (Must learn to spell the plural of tornado.)

And I finally broke down and bought the new laptop. It's beautiful and fast (and it waits for me to ask it to do stuff--and it's not trying to self-combust) and I'm totally in love. All writers should use a MacBook.

So--back to my distraction! :-)


Walt Mussell said...

It's about time you got a new laptop. You were running out of good keys. ;-)

Anna Adams said...

You are sooooo right! I hardly know what to do with myself, not having to duck the keys flying off! Or the overheating, or the sudden tendency of applications to work on their own. Or the brightness of my screen. I had to turn the brightness to half on the new laptop because I'm so used to "dim."

It's beautiful!