Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Tasks

Since the girl's home we're catching up on tasks we've put off while she's in school. Not all work, though. We need new furniture for the family room. Tables with drawers. Lots of drawers. That's my priority. Drawers in which my clutter-bound husband can store his clutter and clutter to his heart's content.

After so many years with the beloved's clutter, I fear I'd sterile up the house fit for operating if left to my own devices. It's good to marry someone so different from yourself.

Gotta keep going on proposals, too. My friend and I talked writing all weekend, watched my Bette Davis marathon and perused the "writing books" at the bookstore. I was tempted, but held back because I actually need to write, vs. reading about writing. However, my friend bought a couple, and we had some good chat about what we both took away from the ideas in each. We both love exercises, but at this point, the only exercises I can afford must directly pertain to the stories I'm writing. Any other time, I love the challenge of writing "out on a limb." Just flying with an idea that changes the way I approach work.

Right now, I must approach work with the idea of submitting new stuff.

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