Friday, May 2, 2008

A Review

I never remember to put up reviews, but I'm gonna this time. Romantic Times gave Her Reason to Stay a 4. Yay! And here's the text:

Raised in foster care, Daphne Soder is thrilled to find the twin sister she never knew she had. But when she meets Raina Abernathy, she learns Raina was raised wealthy and isn't sure she needs a sister in her life. With attorney Patrick Gannon's help, Daphne soon convinces her sister that the only thing she wants from her is a relationship. Anna Adam's HER REASON TO STAY (4) is a heartwarming tale about finding family, even when you're sure there's no one left for you.

I believe the reviewer is Alexandra Kay, and I'm so glad she liked Daphne and Patrick!


Walt Mussell said...

Congrats on the review!

Anna Adams said...

Thanks! It makes me happy!

Elaine Williams said...

Anna, wonderful review. I just picked up Kim's book, yours is next. My prolific writing friends rock!

carol said...

I loved Her Reason to stay from the first chapter that I read. The characters came alive and they acted and reacted like you would think real people in their situations would. Your writing style definitely pulls a reader into the story right off the bat, didn't put it down til I read it all. Carol

Anna Adams said...

Carol, how can I thank you enough for your kind comments? First, I'm so glad that you enjoyed Daphne and Patrick's story, but more than that--how thoughtful of you to come by and say so! ;-) (I wish I had a beaming-face icon to post here!)

I'm working right now on a proposal for Raina's story. (She's in nursing school and she's stumbled across an old love who's in big trouble!) I hope you'll enjoy her romance, too!

Thanks again!

Anna Adams said...

Thanks, Elaine! How's your release going? Are you enjoying?

And did you love Kim's book? I can't wait to read it, too!

Hope A Journey Well Taken is flying off the shelves, both mortar and cyber!