Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I don't like being so far from my mother's family on this day. I tell myself I'll be able to visit them soon. Last fall my cousin showed us the various family cemeteries, and I'm seeing those leafy, quiet, hard-to-reach places in my mind today. I guess it's a day to "visit" with those members of my family. It was called "Decoration Day" when I was a kid.

We're hanging out with friends later today. The beloved has made two--count 'em, two--kinds of ice cream. Yummo--except that I'm not wild for either flavor--which is sadly a good thing. Now, if he'd made vanilla or peach (both of which, he considers bland, thank goodness), I'd be in trouble. I still have to do up the salads, but the girl and I are going to Wally world for floaty things.

Floaty things for the pool--yay! We both swam yesterday. There's a moment when all I can think is COLD, but that goes by. Eventually. Seriously, I forget swimming is exercise because something so wonderful can't possibly be good for you!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday.

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