Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back Home

My Internet service was not so much interrupted as abandoned. We went to visit our son and his sweet wife--and it was--amazing, actually. We get to see them so seldom that I feel lucky to have spent time with them, but I'm so sad to say goodbye to my boy and his awfully welcoming beloved. (We couldn't manage to choose a date to go, and then we headed there without much warning. Who wouldn't want three in-laws to pop up with a "Here we come!")

Along the way, we visited Gettysburg, which I'd never seen before and am still absorbing. We rode a ferry and walked in freezing ocean water and ate lovely shellfish. Our boy's beloved said, "Why don't we cook the lobster in wine?" And she added tasty things. I'm surprised their whole neighborhood didn't join us! (Imagine thinking up a recipe on the fly!)

The only bad moment in the trip was watching them get smaller and smaller on that sidewalk. Kinda breaks my heart to see it in my mind again.

Yesterday we drove home, only to be stopped by a very kind policeman who just asked us to slow down as we were about two miles from home--after driving for about twenty hours.

So--I may go back to bed, but I'll definitely post pictures when I unpack the USB cord.


nancyincanada said...

glad you had a great trip -- I've just finished reading your book, "Her Reason To Stay" which takes place in Honesty, Virginia and features Daphne's story.

When can we expect to find out what Raine's story is OR, for that matter, what about Patrick's Mother's story?

It was great to see someone actually write about a woman who had been through hell, faced her demons and who finally learned to stop apologizing for her very existance.

A lot of women could learn something from that -- taking on another's guilt and trying to atone for it is this far from insane!!

Nancy in Canada

Anna Adams said...


Thanks so much for your kind comments on Daphne. I knew Daphne's conflict before I started the book, but I didn't realize forgiving herself--really forgiving--and living with her past as you live with any scar or flaw--was going to be part of her healing--a path she had to walk before she could trust her ability to love.

That you got it makes me happy. ;-)

I'm actually working on a proposal for Raina's story. She's in nursing school and she's just bumped headlong into her own past--something she hasn't even dared share with Daphne yet.

I hadn't thought about Patrick's mother. What a good idea! Wonder how I could do it.... She was one of those characters who boiled over with her own life. ;-)

Thanks for writing, Nancy!