Monday, June 16, 2008

I'd love to be interesting every day

But I'm not.

Days like this, I think blogging should not be an every-day effort because I tend to run out, but, as with my other writing, if I stop, I find starting again difficult.

Not to mention the part where blogging requires the blogger to assume even subconsciously that she has something interesting to say.

In a high school English class, I had to keep a journal. It was a writing-intensive class. We could write about anything. My school was set up in pods, with short screens separating the classrooms. We grew used to hearing another class going next door--to ignoring the class next door--but one day, I was so dry as far as a journal entry, I started listening to the class next door, where they were dissecting "The Constant Lover" by Sir John Suckling.

My first thought was "They're not discussing Henry VIII, then." And I managed a whole journal entry on history and people who make an unintentional name for themselves. You just have to latch on to inspiration and ride it till it throws you off--possibly in disgust!

But the poem still makes me laugh. Take a read if you have time. ;-) Thank goodness Sir John Suckling is interesting!

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