Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Crazy Days

Stopping between errands!

Gotta buy a coffee pot that doesn't spew its contents all over the counters. Must exchange girl's bridesmaid dress for something else. Must, must, must have car inspected.

Must never move to a small town where all those tasks require driving, especially on a back country road that is being torn up and replaced in sections. We have to wait for a pilot car to take us to un-torn-up road. I didn't even know what a pilot car was the first time I had to wait for it! ==;-0

That girl will be requesting my presence soon. Can't blame her as I only meant to log in for a second!


Mary Malcolm said...

Aww! And here I was feeling all nostalgic about missing my old country roads. Well, just a word for the wise...I'm not sure if your road is dirt or not, but if it is...never go out a day after they grate it. We had more flat tires on the days after they would grate the (eleven mile long) dirt road than we had in the entire history of owning the truck. Ahh the joys of living in the country. Peace, tranquility and tire irons.

Anna Adams said...

LOL, Mary! Our road is not dirt, but it is pretty scary as they rip up parts of it. They seem to be replacing a section at a time, and driving on the grated part would be like sending your tires over a bed of nails and hoping for the best. :-)

I should take a picture of the process! Certainly plenty of time, as we wait behind the dreaded pilot car for twenty or more minutes at a time. Fortunately, there are plenty of trees and the shade is lovely, so I turn off the engine and enjoy the construction sounds in the country!

I've never changed a tire. I should maybe attempt one for just in case!