Friday, June 20, 2008

The Pool is Hiding Shadows

I love to swim. I don't love exercise, but swimming isn't exercising. Swimming is gliding through the water as if you were flying, and oh--look--it's an hour later and exercise time is over. I love swimming.

But the heat has done something to the pool. It's so murky, monsters could be hiding down there in the shadows. We've tried so many chemicals, I'd be afraid to get in even if the water cleared up. But we must find a way to clear it up. Shadows, murk, dangerous levels of scary murk and shadow-inducing whatever--I must swim.

Not really. I'm scared of germs, and you know there must be germs in that murk.

Personally, I believe our crazy neighbors--you know the ones we had to lock out of the pool after they broke in--have somehow been tossing murk bombs over the locked fence!

See the problem? I'm not paranoid when I swim.


Mary Malcolm said...

Aww, poor Anna. Yes, I believe your neighbor is throwing murk bombs into your pool. There you go. Paranoia asuaged. It isn't paranoia, afterall, if it's true.

And don't feel too bad. I'm terrified to swim in our pool. Two years ago, when we got the pool, I swam out there every day for about two weeks with my nephew. Then I got the worse upper respiratory infection I ever had in my life. Probably all that fresh air and sunlight.

The next year, did the same thing, and got even sicker.

This year I'm not touching the pool. Well, not true. I stick my hand in sometimes to swirl up the murk at the bottom. *grin*

Anna Adams said...

Mary, you make me laugh. I'd be afraid to get in, too!

Hoping your pool is sparkly clean today and you have a great swim!