Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Want to Talk About Distractions?

I'm curious about how other writers handle distractions so I'm blogging about them at the Pink Heart Society blog. Drop by and share yours!

When I went to visit the PHS blog I posted, I realized another distraction I need to work on is my sadly out-of-date website!


susfloyd said...

Sorry if I left two of the same blog. I'm having technical difficulties.

susfloyd said...

Okay, this is crazy. I wrote this very thoughtful (and pithy) comment and it's disappeared. So here it is again, less thoughtful and less pithy.

I don't handle distractions well because they offer me instant reward. If I clean the kitchen, I'm rewarded by a clean kitchen. If I do the laundry, I'm rewarded by a neatly stacked pile of fresh towels. If I brush the dogs, I'm rewarded by happy dogs. When I write, I'm rewarded by confusion and doubt. Who wants that?

I think it's because writing is such a solitary venture and that what "appears" to be progress is so not progress. 15 pages can be wiped out with a plot change or character growth. I also swear that when I'm "into" the writing, I go somewhere else -- like astral projection. My physical body is sitting on the exercise ball and my fingers are on the keyboard...but my mind, my spirit is locked into the world that I created. The transfer between worlds is really painful.

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Sus!

Thanks for coming over here as well as to the PHS blog. You could just write your name, and I'd consider myself lucky you dropped by! ;-)

I always appreciate your attitude toward writing, and not just because I agree with you. ;-)

I have so been in the situation where suddenly, even 50 pages might no longer belong in a book. One of the most difficult lessons I've had to learn is the dreaded "kill your darlings." As soon as I admire my stuff, I know there's probably a problem. Getting out of the way of the story is key, and I definitely know what you mean by the bump of coming out of the story world back into the real one.

Another writer friend once almost suggested her hero orthopedic surgeon to another friend who needed care for a broken bone. I'd love to find that kind of focus!

I didn't know you work on an exercise ball. How long have you been doing that? What made you choose it?

Mary Malcolm said...

*grin* Actually, it's pretty funny you should mention that great writing group in Fort Worth...Karen sent an e-mail to the loop and told us to check out your guest blog on pinkheart. Isn't NT great? I love them. I've only been a member for a year, but I'm having a blast. Then again, if you're talking about a different writing group, I'm all ears.

And you Should celebrate every word. It's funny, some days I feel as if I'm not accomplishing anything at all...I'm write 30 words here, 100 there all over the course of the day. Then when I check the word count after the day is over, I've ended up with well over a thousand.

Sometimes writing is just word by word. I have to remind myself about that sometimes, but it truly helps me keep things in perspective. So that's my system. I actually keep it all on an excel spreadsheet, where I get to type in my new word count as I go, yadda yadda, and That's fun. *lol* I just like seeing the count grow, even when it doesn't feel like I'm getting to work as much.

If you make it back to the Fort Worth area any time, make sure and stop by the group. I'd love to meet you!

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Mary!

Awwww--Karen! I didn't know she'd done that, but how sweet of her, and how sweet of you to come out and comment. I had this fear of talking to myself!

I was thinking of North Texas RWA, but I also belonged to DARA and Yellow Rose when we lived there.

I really am thinking about what you said about celebrating each word. I've faced the fact that this summer is busy to an extreme, and I need to just do what I can, and accept that I can't do any more, so I'm going to keep a "stickie note" of my progress. :-) Thanks for the suggestion!

I'd love to get back to Ft. Worth. I was there in early April after a visit to my step-daughter in Austin, but I had to hurry back home. I'm going to look up Dreamin' in Dallas for next year, though!

Thanks again for coming out to chat, Mary. So nice to "meet" you, and I'd love to be able to chat in person sometime, too!