Friday, March 30, 2007

Good News and Guilty Pleasures

First, I'm so excited!

Today, my lovely editor called to buy two more books in my Welcome to Honesty Series that starts with this month's Temporary Father. I can't wait to write the books.

One is about a good twin and a not so "good" twin who finds she's not so bad when she discovers her sister--family for the first time in her life--and falls in love with the one man who has too many reasons not to risk loving a bad twin.

The other is about Dr. Maria Keaton, who appears in Temp. Father. The black sheep in her family because she's responsible, has a steady job, and can support herself, she's suspended in a court scene as the story opens. Soon, she finds she can't even get a job as Santa's elf, and then she has to accept help from her sister, a children's party clown. Did I mention that Maria, a respected psychologist, is deeply afraid of clowns? :)

And now--the guilty pleasure. Someone asked me recently if I wasn't ashamed of reading romances in public. Uh--no, I'm not. I'm proud of my work and of my colleagues'.

But I am sort of shy about admitting I DVR a 16-year-old soap opera every day. I started watching Another World with my mother when I was a child. I can remember playing in the floor in front of her while Rachel (later Rachel Cory) was getting in some trouble behind me on TV. Well, when my daughter was born, I was so busy I lost track of AW and eventually, it was cancelled. A few years ago, SoapNet brought it back--just where I stopped watching it. For a lot of reasons, it's been comfort viewing and I've enjoyed the stories and the actors. But this week SoapNet announced they're canceling it, too. It's harder to give up my guilty pleasure the second time around.


Debbie White said...

I had to "cackle" when I read the part about being afraid of clowns!!!!

I enjoyed watching AW too. I still watch Days (although sometimes I wonder why I waste my time).

Anna Adams said...

LOL! You know those clowns are scary! :-)

I'm really going to miss AW. I started watching DOOL when Steve and Kayla came back, but that was so disappointing, I've stopped.

Can't wait to see you!