Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Again

The week seems to be flying. I'm painting the kitchen, and I love watching the color spread across the walls. It becomes more our home. It shows me where I've been, how much farther I have to go. It's like pages piling up beside the printer (which has sadly been amok lately).

When I'm in the early stages of a book as I am now, progress is so much harder to see. As I've said, this ideas is different than anything I've done so I'm hard-pressed to tell if things are working--or if I'm just having fun. Maybe it doesn't matter this early, but I find that I'm not just a ruled-by-the-muse writer. I don't seem to have a muse or the confidence to know when something's good or working. The longer I write, the less I know, the more I have to learn, and the less I'm sure I'm learning. And yet, I'm not content with just going, that's okay. I'm writing it for me.

I wish writing could be a little more like painting!


Edie said...

Anna, I'm in the same slow early pages too. I've written 12 pages so far, but I'm not getting the right tone yet. I think I'll just write on and go back later to fix the beginning.

I wish it could be more like painting too, but then everyone would do it. *g*

Anna Adams said...

LOL! You're so funny, Edie. I took some time off from beating myself up to do the painting tonight, and now--I'm looking forward to some writing time tomorrow!

I think you're right about going on and fixing later. Since I can't see what's worrying me, I think I'll follow your lead. I keep forgetting these pages don't have to be perfect yet.