Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday, Saturday!

So--the neighbors are still alive. That's a relief! ;-)

And today has already been wonderful. Is there a writer alive who doesn't have an addiction to interesting (or even not so) pens, pencils, papers? The girl needed some stuff for school. I needed a pen or--okay two pens and a new pencil because someone (offspring) appropriated my fave mechanical one. So, we're office-supplied to the gills, and I'm trying everything out on my brainstorming notebook!

As for brainstorming, so far, lackluster progress. I'll get an idea, thud away at it, and then comes the moment--Why don't they just talk about it? Which means what I have is an argument--not a conflict.

Also, I'd like to write a more Alpha type hero in this next one, but I find Alphas very attractive (I have a difficult time using the word "very" since a high school writing teacher described it rightly as a nothing word--the eye skips over and it evokes no emotion--back to the Alphas), and yet, the best Alpha hero is so on the border of being so male he isn't a real man. You know? To the edge of too arrogant and stereotypically masculine. For a much better discussion, zip over to my friend, Kate Walker's blog, and read her March 7 and March 9 posts.

And have a glorious weekend! I hope you find a task almost as pleasant as replenishing your office supplies! :-)


Kate Walker said...

Hi Anna
Stationery shops - don't tempt me! I always come out with new noteboks I don't need, new filing systems I'll never organise . . .and I always buy beautiful notebooks that then paralyse me - I daren't write in them because they need really great thougths and I don;t have any!!

Oh boy - Alphas! The discussion on Alpha's recently has been pretty hot. Some readers - and possibly some writers really seem to think that that word Alpha and the word Brute mean exactly the same.

Not so! So when the debate got a bit sparky over on another blog, I put up my opinions about it on mine.

Alphas are great heroes - I just keep in my mind all the time the reasons why he's behaving in this way - he's not just doing it to be a monster - it's what he genuinely believes ios the right way to handle things - but the truth is that he's out of his depth with this particular lady and - being a man, he's not prepared to admit it.

So up go the defensive shields and he looks mean when really he's not.

Oh yes - and I'll send you a note about how to put in those links in a post! Dead easy - If I can do it anyone can. ;-)



Anna Adams said...

Hey, Kate!

I do the same thing with notebooks! I have one I bought in Switzerland in 1979 that I still haven't written in. It has beautiful pages, though! (I hate to tell you this, but I think it's a total waste not to put thoughts of some kind in them. We're supposed to use them!)

I've been reading the I (Heart) Presents blog, but I got kind of bogged down in a little travel and a lot of proposal writing and missed the Alpha discussion. However, I learned from the discussion on your blog. An alpha hero is still, at heart and soul, a man who can love, even if loving this particular woman wasn't exactly in his plans--and talk about a kerfuffle when love comes unexpectedly! :-)

Oh--you know--that's instant conflict. Thanks, Kate!

And thanks for your note. It turns out Safari isn't a blogger-supported browser, but I gave myself a little html test and that seems to have worked!

Thanks for stopping by. You really helped me with stuff I've been struggling with.