Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stuff You Don't Know You Need

I'm late to the blog tonight because I had a great time having lunch with other writers today. We talked for about 4 hours, so I also didn't get much work done, sort of. Talking about writing and thinking about goals--that's time well spent for any writer! So, thanks to the four friends who invited me! :-)

Now, for the stuff you don't know about--I'm watching a home improvement show again--one must feed one's addiction! This is one where a designer with excellent software tells a family how to fix up a place that's well within their budget, so they're essentially getting more with a little sweat equity. I have a feeling I need this software to make up character's houses! :-) Or would that lead to more procrastination?

Time for sleeping!


Debby Giusti said...

Hi Anna,
I enjoyed our four-hour lunch, as well. There's nothing like authors getting together for stimulating conversation and lots of laughs. I hope we didn't scare off the other diners at Panera Bread. They might not understand comments about how to murder a hero or how much baggage a character should have! At least we were sitting in the corner! :)
Debby Giusti

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Debby! Thanks again to all of you. I had such a great time! And I love that writing talk that no doubt alarms the diners around us. :-)

Mind you, it's a tradition in my family to tell stories and laugh too much and be cast out of restaurants! In an odd coincidence, my cousin Debbie is often at the root of that trouble! :-) What is it about you girls with the D name? :-)