Friday, March 23, 2007

Making It Pretty--on Someone Else's Blog

On Saturday--that would be tomorrow--I'm guest blogging on one of my favorite blogs, Magical Musings. I'm so happy Edie Ramer invited me, and I'll be yammering on about something I'm doing all over my life. Making it pretty.

You see, we recently moved, and our neighbors down the way--whom I might add--moved in after us, are not very neighborly in the mess they are diligently setting up in their yard. It's a sad thing to wish they'd moved in first so we could have run screaming from the chaos, but there you go. So, I'm doing what I did the last time we moved, when the climate outside was inhospitable, but I wanted my family to be happy--rather than looking forward to the day we could move again. I'm making the inside of our abode pretty and cozy and pleasant to come home to.

Making it pretty is an occupation for writers as well. Come over tomorrow and see what I mean! I'll add a link again in the morning. Hope to see you there.

Right now, I'm off to visit my favorite mixer in the paint department! :-) Anyone know how to tile a backsplash?

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