Thursday, March 15, 2007

How does your cat show?

The beloved and I are watching poker. This may be the one thing we have in common--we both like to watch poker. During the most recent commercial I was hopping it to the steeping teapot when some very cute kitties caught my eye. Has anyone ever heard of a cat show? Apparently, there's one called Cat Minster. This is not to say I watch too much TV, but I can't miss that! (I thought I'd post a cute Kitty photo, too.)

Absolutely no way to connect this to writing, except that I've had several entries for the book contest through email and I'll be drawing over the weekend for the winners.

Best of luck to everyone who's entered!


Debbie White said...

Yes I've been to a cat show. Many, many years ago in Knoxville. I think its still an annual event.

Anna Adams said...

Seriously? I'm going to look that up. We should go. Only--will our home felines be annoyed that we're out admiring others?

Kate Walker said...

Sid sends head butts and purrs to Kitty. He says that you should teach him to pick prizewinners just as he picked them for me. We have a big cat show locally - in Licoln. But the dangerous ones are the Cats' Protection League shows - where they're all rescued cats and some are needing good homes. It almost impossible to come home without an extra kitty or two.


Debbie White said...

What our home felines don't know won't hurt them!!!

Debbie White said...

The TN Valley Cat Fanciers Show is next weekend (3/24-3/25) in Knoxville. Want to come up?

Anna Adams said...

Kate, Kitty sends back some head butts and purrs. He'd even love to send a bit of kibble, but worries about how long it might have to linger in Customs. LOL on the Cat Protection League shows. I don't need to bring Kitty a sibling or four. He wouldn't care for it.

But thanks to Sid's advice, I'm going to test Kitty's picking abilities tomorrow afternoon!

All the best to you!

Anna Adams said...

Debbie, Kitty's shocked that you'd consider sneaking out to visit other felines. He knows no one in his house would contemplate such doings.

(So don't tell him I'm kind of tempted by this cat show. I'll email!)